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Starting the Process

If an organization believes its mission, purpose and program fit the Woodward Trust mission and grant making guidelines, they are invited to apply for a grant by submitting to us a Letter of Inquiry.

Based on your letter of inquiry and its subsequent review, our staff will determine if the program and grant request satisfy our baseline criteria and, based on that determination, may invite you to submit a full proposal.  You will be notified of this decision within four weeks.

Immediate Need Request

In the case of an immediate educational need request which warrants or requires immediate consideration, emergency requests may be submitted and will be given prompt attention.

Grant Requests

Annual Grant Review

Our primary annual consideration is performed each June for the following school year.  To ensure proper review and consideration in this annual process:

Letters of Inquiry must be received by May 15. 

Grant Request Process

The grant request process begins with a Letter of Inquiry – a brief overview of the proposed program and grant request.  Upon review by the Woodward Trust staff, any request which appears to fit within our guidelines is invited to submit a Full Proposal.  For new requests, we may invite you to provide a brief, live presentation to our Executive Director prior to preparation of our Board's materials and its final deliberations and decision.

The Board of Trustees constantly strives to make the highest and best use of our resources.  Just as we value long-term partnerships, we also envision expansion of our role beyond the past and present.  We value remaining open and accessible to new organizations and new ideas.  The Board of trustees is also responsive to emerging trends designed to improve the quality of education and life for Cincinnati’s school-aged children.  In order to balance these values against our limited resources and ensure that all applicants have equal footing, we operate on an annual grant making cycle.  Woodward Trust has limited financial resources and, while all requests will be considered, it is not possible to fund every request.​

Applicant's Guide to the Grant Making Process

Once an organization's Letter of Inquiry has been accepted, they will be granted access to the full Applicant's Guide to the Grant Making Process.

What We Look For

A strong candidate for a Woodward Trust grant is one that:

· Clearly aligns with one or more of our "Need Components"

· Has clearly identified needs and has a viable, sustainable solution to meet those needs

Has a clearly defined purpose, timetable and process

· Generates measurable results with, for longer-term programs, intermediate milestones

· Coordinates and, if appropriate, integrates its efforts with other beneficial organizations and efforts in order to provide a strategic solution