History: Additional Funds

Rebecca Friday Fund

In 1940, the Last Will and Testament of Rebecca Friday (believed to have been a CPS teacher) bequeathed an $80,000 endowment whose income was to be given for the benefit of the pupils of Bloom, Oyler, Rothenberg, Stowe and Woodward Junior High Schools who are children of needy families.  These five schools, at the time, were the only junior high schools in the Cincinnati Public School system.  As per her wishes, the funds have been available to all CPS junior high schools or, where schools have been combined, to needy seventh and eighth graders.

Louise E. Bettens Fund

In 1919, Edward D. Bettens (1848-1921?), a graduate of WoodwardHigh School, established a memorial to his mother, Louise E. Bettens (1827-1914).  The memorial initially consisted of a variety of Mrs. Bettens’ books, bookcases, pictures, prints and bronzes, plus $3,000, the income from which was to be used to maintain the items given and, thereafter, to aid worthy pupils needing financial assistance to complete their course at Woodward High School.
Subsequently, Edward Bettens bequeathed all his property to the Louise E. Bettens Fund.  Upon his death and clearing probate in 1921, an additional $50,496 was added to this fund.  Edward Bettens, also a graduate of Harvard College, also created a sizeable Louise E. Bettens Memorial Fund at that institution. 

M. Louise Armstrong Memorial Scholarship Fund

Many felt that the 1921 memorial service for M. Louise Armstrong ( ?? – 1921), while very beautiful, was too transitory to adequately express the sentiment of the community for the great work done by Miss Armstrong as a teacher for many years at Woodward High School.  As a result, a committee was formed to arrange for a permanent memorial.  The result of this effort was $6,668 given to the Woodward Trustees in 1922.  The income from these funds was to be used to assist worthy pupils in Woodward High School and to provide an annual scholarship to the Cincinnati KindergartenTraining School (Linton St., Cincinnati, OH).

William Gamble Nast Memorial Scholarship Fund

In 1919, Albert J. Nast and Charles L. Doughty gave $2,500 to the Woodward Trustees on behalf of the estate of Francesca Nast-Gamble, in honor of her husband, William Gamble.  (William Gamble was the eldest son of James Gamble, the co-founder of Procter & Gamble.  It is believed that he was a graduate of Woodward High School.)  The income from this principal is to be used to assist in educating worthy and talented Woodward High School pupils for the greatest usefulness to society.

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