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The original Woodward Trust was established by William & Abigail Woodward in 1827.  It was intended to benefit underprivileged school children residing in the City of Cincinnati.  

William Woodward’s vision was to offer a primary education to all children of Cincinnati regardless of the financial means available to a child’s family.  His vision of education pre-dated the Ohio public school system and, to further his goals, he established Woodward Free Grammar School and, later, Woodward High School and Woodward College (now part of the University of Cincinnati), each originally located on the site currently occupied by Cincinnati’s School for Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA).

Mr. Woodward’s vision and legacy continue today through the work of the Woodward Trust and Cincinnati Public School’s Woodward High School.  The Trust provides grants to assist the underprivileged children of Cincinnati in ways such as purchasing school supplies, supporting of educational field trips to the Cincinnati Museum Center or providing scholarships to CPS graduates attending the University of Cincinnati.

Today’s “Woodward Trust” is actually a combination of several independent trust funds being administered by the same board of trustees.

>> The "Original" William Woodward Trust

Over the course of time, many deeds and documents have changed and directed the actions and structure of the original Woodward Trust.   Click here for Additional History of the Original Woodward Trust, detailing the significant events and documents of this trust.  

Additional Funds - In addition to the “original” Woodward Trust, numerous individuals and organizations have contributed additional money and other assets for the benefit of the same needy Cincinnati students.  These funds have either been accepted directly into the original Woodward Trust (where legally permitted to do so), or have been administered separately but simultaneously by the Woodward Trustees.  Click for details on the more significant of the Additional Funds.

Historical Research – Please note that we have accumulated what information we have been able to discern about our funds, but we are currently trying to do additional research regarding several of our funds, especially information on the individuals who actually contributed to these funds – what they did for a living, where did they work, what is their connection to the schools, are there any photographs or other pertinent historical documents, etc.  Anyone willing to assist us in this endeavor are requested (begged, please!) to contact the Executive Director.