Charting Our Impact

Woodward Trust operates independently, providing an Annual Report to all interested parties upon request or by simply exploring below.

Reflecting progress

Annual Report

Established in 1831 by an Ohio legislative act, Woodward Trust functions as an independent legal entity, guided by its trustees and trust documents. The original trust agreement empowers Cincinnati’s Mayor and City Council to request an annual report of the assets, liabilities, income and expenditures of the trust from the trustees, who diligently provide it to City Council, the Mayor, and the Court of Common Pleas. This Annual Report is also accessible to a wide range of interested parties upon request or by following the provided links below.

2022 WT Annual Report

FYE 7-31-22

2021 WT Annual Report

FYE 7-31-21

2020 WT Annual Report

FYE 7-31-20

2019 WT Annual Report

FYE 7-31-19

2018 WT Annual Report

FYE 7-31-18

Form 990 Return

Woodward Trust is a non-profit organization, exempt from federal income taxes under Section 501c(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and from state and local income taxes under various statutes and regulations. Woodward Trust annually files IRS Form 990 – Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax. The public portions of that filing are available to anyone upon request or may be found using Guidestar.org. Our EIN is 31-0538507.

Independent Audit

While not required to do so, the trustees obtain a biennial audit of their financial statements, performed by an independent CPA. The most completed recent audit was for our fiscal year ended 7/31/19, for which a "clean" opinion was rendered by our auditor, with the exception of the valuation of our real estate which is reported at the current market value (per the Hamilton County Auditor's valuation) instead of the value of the land when it was originally donated by William Woodward in 1827 (which value is unknown to us).


What will your legacy be?

Embodying the enduring vision of the Woodwards, both Woodward High School and Woodward Trust stand as living testaments to their commitment. Throughout the years, numerous others have joined this legacy, contributing funds and assets that reflect their unique perspectives, thereby enriching the lives of Cincinnati's students. Woodward Trust actively invites and embraces donations from individuals, foundations, corporations, and organizations keen on supporting educational opportunities for Cincinnati's students. Join us in shaping the future of education for generations to come.