Fostering Innovation in Education

We value remaining open and accessible to new organizations and new ideas. Our annual grant requests unlock opportunities to empower Cincinnati's educational future.

Navigating Grant Requests

Our Board of Trustees is dedicated to the efficient and impactful allocation of our resources. We deeply value our longstanding partnerships while also striving to expand our role beyond the present. Our commitment to remaining accessible to new organizations and their innovative ideas is what fuels our vision for the future. We're quick to pick up on emerging trends that aim to elevate the quality of education and the lives of Cincinnati's young learners. To uphold our values and ensure equitable opportunities for all applicants, we follow an annual grant-making cycle. However, it's important to recognize our financial constraints. While we genuinely consider every request, regrettably, we cannot fund every proposal.

Our Essential Need Components

The Trust's focus is currently divided into three needs:

Immediate Educational Need

This includes providing essential items like school supplies, covering testing fees, and ensuring access to proper footwear.

Educational Benefit

We aim to offer educational benefits by means of scholarships, immersive experiences, and exciting field trips.

Systemic Change

We relentlessly pursue systemic change initiatives to eliminate the root causes behind the first two needs.

What We’re Looking For

Qualities of a Strong Woodward Trust Grant Candidate

When considering candidates for a Woodward Trust grant, we look for organizations that exhibit the following key characteristics:

Alignment with Our Mission

A strong candidate clearly aligns with one or more of our Need Components, demonstrating a shared commitment to addressing critical educational needs.

Identified Needs and Solutions

We value proposals that have identified specific needs and present viable, sustainable solutions to address them effectively.

Clarity and Purpose

It's important for grant candidates to have a well-defined purpose, complete with a clear timetable and a structured process for implementation.

Measurable Impact

It's important for grant candidates to have a well-defined purpose, complete with a clear timetable and a structured process for implementation.

Collaborative Approach

Strong candidates demonstrate the ability to coordinate efforts and, when appropriate, integrate their work with other organizations and initiatives. Collaboration is key to providing a strategic and comprehensive solution.

At Woodward Trust, we are eager to work with organizations that embody these qualities, and we welcome grant applicants who share our dedication to making a positive impact on education and the lives of students in Cincinnati.

Start the Process

Our grant request process at Woodward Trust is designed to be both accessible and collaborative. It begins with the submission of a concise one-page letter of inquiry, providing an overview of your proposed program and grant request. After a thorough review by our staff, if your request aligns with our guidelines, you'll receive an invitation to submit a full proposal. For new requests, we may also invite you to present a brief live session to our Executive Director, which helps us gain deeper insights into your mission and purpose. If your organization believes it shares a mission and purpose that aligns with Woodward Trust's goals and grant-making guidelines, we encourage you to apply for a grant by submitting a letter of inquiry. We look forward to the opportunity of collaborating with you to make a positive impact on education in Cincinnati.

Annual Grant Review

Our primary annual review takes place each June for the following school year. To facilitate a thorough and timely evaluation, Letters of Inquiry must be submitted by May 15. This timeframe ensures that your proposal can be properly reviewed and considered as part of our annual process. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to the opportunity to assess and support initiatives aligned with our mission. If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Grant Requests

Handling Immediate Education Needs

In situations where an immediate education need arises, necessitating urgent consideration, emergency requests are accepted and will receive prompt attention. At Woodward Trust, we understand the importance of addressing critical needs swiftly, and our team is here to assist you during such circumstances. If you find yourself in this situation or have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.