Building on History & Community

A four-acre parcel situated in Cincinnati's vibrant Over-the-Rhine district is a testament to our commitment to the community.

What We Do

The Woodward Trust Foundation

At Woodward Trust, our foundation is built upon an investment portfolio consisting of donated and accumulated funds. In addition, we are stewards of approximately four acres of land. The income generated from these assets is dedicated to enriching the educational opportunities of underprivileged students in Cincinnati through a diverse range of programs.

Our Real Estate

Woodward Trust proudly holds ownership of a four-acre plot in Cincinnati’s vibrant Over-the-Rhine district, which we lease to third parties. A significant portion of this land was graciously donated to the trust by William Woodward in 1831, with additional parcels contributed over time. Notably, certain sections of the original property were gifted to the City of Cincinnati in the 1970s, serving as recreational parks for the community. Our commitment to the community and the enduring value of these assets remains unwavering.

Under the terms of the original trust document, the properties may not be sold, gifted or otherwise disposed of by the trust. Instead, each property shall be leased for the term of fifteen years at a time, or for a longer period, if the extended lease contains a clause of revaluation every fifteen years. Most of the properties are currently under 99-year, renewable ground leases, each with a clause allowing revaluation of its rent amount either every fifteen years (fixed rent) or whenever the Hamilton County Auditor’s valuation of the underlying property changes (adjustable rent).

The Properties

Ownership and leases on Woodward Trust property are so recorded with the Hamilton County Auditor. Inquiries are directed to that office or their website (which provides excellent parcel-by-parcel information, history and photographs) at the Hamilton County Auditor's website.

South side of 13th St. (formerly Woodward St.) from Cogswell Alley (west of Sycamore St.) to Broadway St.

North & south sides of 12th St. (formerly Abigail St.) from mid-block between Goetz & Cogswell Alleys (west of Sycamore St. to Broadway St.)

1432 Main St.